IAC Members

The Horse Industry Advisory Council (IAC) group is made up of AHIC Large, Medium and Small Affiliate members and State Horse Councils.

These members meet approximately 4 times a year to discuss and progress major issues of concern to the Horse Industry as a whole. IAC meetings are the conduit between Industry and Government on many issues.

Summaries of the IAC meetings appear on our website.

Altogether, these Horse Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) members represent well over 200,000 individual horse owners.

Organisations, Companies and individuals have the opportunity to sponsor an IAC meeting which means they get the opportunity to address the meeting to promote their cause, or goods and services.

If you are interested in finding out more about this great opportunity, please contact the AHIC office by phone (03) 5222 6650 or by using our Contact Form on the right hand side of this site. 

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