Why do we exist?


Who are we?

The Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) represents the interests of horse people and the health and welfare of all horses in the Australian horse industry.

The AHIC is made up of a collection of breed societies, performance and competition associations, service providers and State Horses councils.

It brings together the recreational and professional sectors with a common goal to improve awareness of the horse community with both Government and wider community.


The AHIC exists through the voluntary services of elected Directors and the expertise of individuals contributing to sub-committees. Financial support for AHIC activities is derived from subscriptions from associations and individuals.

An important aspect of the AHIC is the Industry Advisory Committee - which are held between two and four times a year.

The meeting is a chance for membership groups of the AHIC to meet to discuss issues currently affecting their sector and to receive updates from Government sources on issues relating to horse industry.

Horse looking away
Two horses together

Some recent areas of focus for the IAC have included:

  • The need for an awareness of the social licence when using horses for sport or pleasure activities.

  • Improving safety around all equestrian activities.

  • Creating good minimum welfare standards for competitions, events and clinics.

  • Need for greater stewardship for industry participants in the push to reduce anti microbial resistance across the human, livestock, companion animal and environmental sectors.

The IAC is an opportunity for industry representatives to network, share concerns, share successful management processes and most importantly to have your say in an active industry forum.



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