Save Whitfords horse beach campaign update June 2017

a horse's eyeIn December 2016 that with the narrowest of margins, the City of Joondalup voted to proceed with the lodging of the City of Joondalup Amendment Animal Law 2016 which resulted in the closure of the Whitfords Horse Beach on January 24th 2017.

Whilst the supporters of “Save Whitfords Horse Beach” were devastated they haven’t given up, as there are still avenues being pursued to reverse the closure.

The WA Horse Council have been an active member of this campaign and have received the following update from the Whitford Horse Beach Action Group.

There are 2 streams of action at the state level in progress:

a) The state petition

b) The Joint Standing Committee for Delegated Legislation

The state petition(s) were tabled by the Hon Martin Pritchard (MLC for the North Metropolitan Region) on the 13th of June. In total there were 3638 signatures deemed eligible for counting. Thank you to those who collected signatures, supplied businesses with petitions and returned them. The Nelson family provided a huge contribution.

As part of the standard procedure following submission of a petition the lead petitioners have been invited to make a submission to the Standing Committee of Environment and Public Affairs regarding the issues raised in the petition. The purpose of the submission is to assist the Committee in its preliminary investigations. The submission deadline is 13th July 2017.

There is also the Joint Standing Committee for Delegated Legislation which will review the City of Joondalup’s law amendment. This is part of normal checks and balances of WA’s legislative process. It is this latter committee that we are “relying” on to deny the amendment.

There is no date when the amendment will pass through the JSCDL but it is hoped that it will occur within the next few months. There is a backlog of work for this committee since the election. As with most processes, it is going to take time.

To contact Kirrily Beer, a member of the Action Group email or check out her Facebook page.

The WA Horse Council will keep you posted as more information comes to hand.