Retired horse float wanted

The Western Australian Horse Council will be hosting a Large Animal Rescue (LAR) Masterclass in 2018. Those attending will receive training in the safest and most efficient ways to extricate trapped horses from a number of challenging scenarios.


Imagine a horse float that has rolled on its side with a horse trapped inside

A number of LAR scenarios have been covered in previous courses, however this is a scenario that our Internationally accredited LAR Trainer would like to demonstrate ‘best practice’ techniques to safely extricate the trapped horse from this horrendous situation.

To facilitate this scenario, the Council is looking for a ‘retired’ horse float that can be rolled over with the horse manikin inside.

The Council is planning to replace sections of the sides and roof of the float with clear panelling, so that rescue techniques will be visible.

If you have or know of anyone with a ‘retired’ horse float, please contact