Pocket Guide for Horse Organisations

Horse welfare in this pocket guide is about considering the positive wellness or well-being of horses associated with your organisation. Often people think of horse welfare as concerning only what is commonly described as a “welfare case” – a horse which has very poor body condition or treated very badly. There is in fact, much more to welfare than extreme cases of neglect.

Welfare includes seeing to the care and well-being of the horse in relation to all of its physical, mental, social and physiological needs both on and off the field of play.

Horse organisations will be familiar with welfare requirements as found in their rulebook; however, equally important for a balanced approach are the range of educational and role model or mentoring approaches employed by club or organisational leaders for their members.

Increasingly, horse sport & recreational activity organisers are thinking about how horse welfare can be promoted after the primary career of the horse is over. Examples include the promotion of linkages with horse activity groups (e.g. horse racing with equestrian sports), providing lists of horse re-educators or imparting information about how to care for aged horses.

Pocket Guide for Horse Organisations (PDF)


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