Equine Amnionitis Foetal Loss

Equine Amnionitis & Foetal Loss (EAFL) is a veterinary term used to describe abortions and the birth of compromised foals that may occur when pregnant mares are inadvertently exposed to some types of hairy caterpillar.

Since 2016 University of Queensland researchers have been working with the thoroughbred industry to investigate ways to reduce the impacts of caterpillars on the horse breeding industry.

The team has a website featuring the latest information for horse owners inluding a dowloadable poster and brochure. Check it out here

The Equine Amnionitis & Foetal Loss site aims to:

  • Provide current information and pictures so people can understand how caterpillars cause abortion in mares, identify caterpillar risks and implement risk management strategies to reduce risk to broodmares
  • Provide updates and new findings from research being conducted in Australia to better understand EAFL risks and how to mitigate them

Visit theĀ Equine Amnionitis & Foetal Loss website