Horse Welfare

palomino horseThis section of the AHIC website has been developed to provide horse owners and industry workers with up to date information on Horse Welfare in Australia.

Information is available on:

Australian Horse Welfare and Well-Being Toolkit

Pocket Guide for Horse Organisations

Australian Horse Welfare Protocol

Horses in Hot Weather

Horse Identification

Plants Poisonous to Horses

Land transport standards for horses

National horse standards and guidelines from AHA

Horse welfare news

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Further information on horse welfare

The Department of Agriculture (Victoria) has a range of information on Horse Welfare including:

  • Horse management
  • Caring for horses in emergencies
  • Legislation
  • Horse welfare

Visit the Horses page at the Department of Agriculture

The Department of Primary Industries (NSW) has a range of information on Horse Welfare including:

  • Horse feeding and nutrition
  • Health and disease – general health
  • Health and disease – poisonous plants
  • Management
  • Welfare

Visit the Horses page at the Department of Primary Industries (NSW)


Research on Horse health and welfare

Research on issues affecting the Thoroughbred Industry is conducted by Agrifutures Australia (formerly Rural Industries Research and Development Corp RIRDC). The site has publications available for purchase (hardcopy) or free download (PDF) on horse health issues including:

  • Hendra virus
  • Laminitis
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Worm resistance
  • EAFL
  • Inflammatory Airway Disease
  • Equine medication information sheets

Visit the Horses page at AgriFutures


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